plays for the stage

Below is a complete listing of plays, broken down by cast and length.  Click on a title for a scene sample.  



The Wonder Wheel A diner in New York.  A son meets his mother for soup, and argument. 1 act. 40 mins. 5 men, 3 women. (can be staged with 2 men/2 women playing multiples).  Unproduced.

Elysium Nevada - A retirement community near Las Vegas.  Memories and endless sunshine.  1 act. 45 mins. 2 men, 1 woman. Previously produced.  -- Dedicated to the memory of Seamus O'Rourke.

Small Box Psychosis- A stalled elevator.  A lawyer, a cross-dresser, and a psychopath.  1 act.  40 mins. 3 men. Previously produced.

The Lithium Waltz  -  A psychiatric ward.  A new arrival meets the other patients, and the staff. 1 act.  40 mins. 4 men, 2 women.  Previously produced.

The Wounded Heart Mission A closed-down restaurant in Los Angeles.  A suicide or murder?  Full length.  90 mins.  5 men, 3 women. Workshopped, NYC.  

A Beginner's Guide To Madness   -  New York City.  A woman tries to dispose of a dead cat.  1 act.  40 mins. 5 men, 2 women (can be staged with 2 men/2 women playing multiples).  Unproduced.

London An Irish squat in London, 1982.  Two bombs.  Apathy and reggae.  Full length. 65 mins. 5 men, 2 women. Unproduced.

The Last Crusader - A prison cell in the USSR, two priests, sometime in the remembered 70's.   Full length. 80 mins. 4 men.  Previously produced.

El Muerto (the dead man) - From a street corner in Spanish Harlem to the dark corners of South Armagh.  1 act. 30 mins. 1 man. 

The Lost City The jungles of South America, imagined in a broken-down irish shed.  1 act. 30 mins. 1 man

We Three Kings  -  A prison exercise yard in Montana.  Three convicts plan an escape involving a Christmas tree.  1 act. 40 mins.  3 men.

Mustang - The open prairie, Montana.  Alien abduction, Lolita car thieves, psychotic preachers. 1 act. 55 mins.  Two men, one woman.






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